Car Error Codes

Helping you diagnose any faults

When your Engine Management Light comes on this means that an error has been flagged and it is still present after 30 engine cycles. You need special equipment to read these car error codes. At Autotech Garage Services, we offer Car Diagnostics in Great Yarmouth. As part of this service, we will connect your car up to our state of the art car diagnostic equipment and download any car error codes stored in the Electronic Control Unit. This will help us determine the cause and the solution to whatever has caused the Engine Management Light to come on.

To help you further understand any car error codes which have been obtained from your car diagnostic reading, we have added a selection of generic error codes to our website for your information. While these will apply to most cars, some models have slightly different error codes.

If you are looking for Car Diagnostics in Great Yarmouth, why not contacting us for your diagnostic reading.

Click on any of the following links to review the error code definitions:

P Error Codes also known as Powertrain Error Codes – these cover the Engine, Transmission and Emissions systems.
B Error Codes also known as Body Error Codes – these cover the Climate Control system, Lighting and Airbags etc.
C Error Codes also known as Chassis Error Codes – these cover the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS, Electronic Suspension and Steering.
U Error Codes also known as Network Error Codes – these cover the Controller Area Network wiring Bus (CANBUS) and modules.