Cold Weather Car Checks

With the weather forecast predicting that the UK is going to be hit by extreme cold spells over the coming weeks, it is essential that you ensure that your car is ready to cope with these conditions.

At Autotech Garage Services, we would recommend that you check the following parts of your car, to reduce the risk of you running into any issues.

Check your tyres

We would recommend that you check your tyre pressures every week to ensure that they are inflated to the specification recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Not only will this ensure that your vehicle is gripping to the road as it should, it will also save you fuel.

We would recommend that for the winter months, your tyre tread should be no lower than 3mm, to allow extra grip in snow and other unpredictable weather conditions.

Test your battery

Batteries are the most common cause of breakdowns during the winter months. The reason for this is that they are put under increased strain during the winter months, due to the increased use of your heater and lights. If you are looking for car servicing in Great Yarmouth, we offer a free battery test as part of your winter service.

Use anti-freeze

If you fail to top up your water with anti-freeze, the water in your radiator can freeze. We would recommend checking your anti-freeze levels every week, to ensure they are topped up to the ‘maximum’ line on coolant bottle.

Replace your windscreen wipers

Old and damaged windscreen wipers will struggle to clear your windscreen fully in most situations, but in heavy downpours it becomes even more dangerous. You should ensure that your windscreen wipers are clearing your windscreen correctly. We offer windscreen wipers from £6 each.

Use a high quality screen wash

Using a good quality screen wash will not only ensure that the windscreen clears and is streak free, it will ensure the screen wash doesn’t freeze.

Check your lights

As your lights are being used more in the winter, the bulbs are more likely to fail. It is essential that you check all your bulbs, including the brake lights, indicator lights, head lights and fog lights.

If you need any assistance in correcting any issues you find during your winter car check, please feel free to contact Autotech Garage Services, the garage in Great Yarmouth you can trust.

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