DPF Filter Cleaning

Saving you time and money

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer DPF Filter Cleaning in Great Yarmouth.

With the increase of DPF Filters being fitted to diesel cars and the issues arising from blocked filters on short journeys and component failures which leads to a blocked filter.

Autotech Garage Services in Great Yarmouth have invested in a cleaning solution which can clean the DPF filter while it is still on the car! Our state of the art equipment cleans the DPF filter using the Forte cleansing solution, followed by a flush to wash away any unwanted deposits with the DPF filter.

Forte have long been recognised as a market leader in the production and supply to the motor trade of engine cleaners and treatments and Autotech Garage Services are very happy to be able to offer DPF Filter Cleaning in Great Yarmouth using their state of the art technology.

Please contact us for more information.