Car Repairs

We can get you back on the road

There is no car repair too big or too small that we cannot do at Autotech Garage Services. We take on the smallest jobs like changing light bulbs to the largest jobs which could be an engine rebuild and anything in between.

We can also do cam belt replacements, head skims and head casket replacements, along with all aspects of mot repairs and welding. We can also supply, fit and repair (where possible) suspension, clutches, flywheels, brakes, exhausts and gear boxes. In the near future we will be investing in a new air conditioning unit and don’t forget our state of the art diagnostic plug in! Also we offer glass tinting and part and full body car wrapping.

All work is carried out in a very friendly atmosphere by a fully trained technician to the highest standards and we are fully insured.

We are very aware that taking your car to a garage can be a very daunting and expensive experience. We at Autotech offer an honest and down to earth service to help remove any worries you may have, with price plans to suit most budgets. At Autotech we endeavour to do our very best and will go above and beyond to help our customers, as a happy customer is a repeat customer. So if you need car repairs in Great Yarmouth and are looking for a car Garage in Great Yarmouth, come give us a try and let us impress you!

Autotech Garage Services is pleased to announce that we now offer DPF filter cleaning in Great Yarmouth.

What is a DPF filter?

A DPF filter is a component that is fitted to diesel vehicles exhausts to enable the trapping of solid particles (known as PM), which is mostly carbon. This prevents them escaping into the atmosphere. All new vehicles manufactured must now meet Euro 6 Emission Guidelines. With the introduction of DPF filters, the issue of filters becoming blocked is becoming more prevalent.

As of February 2014, MOT stations are required to check for the presence of a DPF filter. If it is found that a vehicle has had the DPF filter removed, the vehicle will fail its MOT and will be deemed unroadworthy.

At Autotech Garage in Great Yarmouth we are now finding that under certain driving conditions the DPF filters are blocking very quickly. The vehicles are unable to regenerate the DPF filter, bringing up warning lights (blocked filter and engine management lights), leading to the replacement of the DPF filter, which in some cases can be as expensive as £1000!

The team at Autotech Garage in Great Yarmouth are always looking at different ways to save on expensive bills for our customers.

We now offer DPF filter cleaning in Great Yarmouth, which we have found to be very effective. The DPF filter is removed from the vehicle, cleaned, replaced and regenerated. The vehicle is then diagnostically tested to ensure that there are no underlying issues that would prevent regeneration. This service costs (depending on the vehicle) from £199 + VAT.

We are pleased to now offer Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Great Yarmouth. With costs starting at just £250 + VAT (colour and finish dependent), this service is going to be in demand!

Our costs include removal of your wheels and tyres, storage of your vehicle for the duration of the refurbishment and the balancing and refitting of your wheels.

Finishes include, but are not to powder coating, diamond cutting, candy pain and chrome finishes.

Contact us today for your free quote.

MOT Testing

Keeping you pride and joy safe

At Autotech Garage Services we are always looking at ways to improve the services we provide to our ever-increasing customer base.

We are very proud and excited to announce that we now have our own MOT bay fitted on site, which allows us to offer MOT tests in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area.

As part of the MOT bay fitting, we invested in state of the art equipment to allow us to offer our customers a top-quality service, at an affordable price.

As well as offering MOT tests in Great Yarmouth, we also offer affordable repairs should your vehicle need a little bit of TLC.

MOT testing in Great Yarmouth is  becoming a very competitive industry, Autotech Garage Services is trying its best to stay ahead of the competition by investing in the latest MOT bay testing equipment.


Many people are unaware of what the MOT test involves, and when their car fails it can sometimes be unexpected and  upsetting, especially when you are faced with a unexpected bill. Autotech Garage Services offers flexible payments options which allows the customer to pay their bill over 4 months with no interest or credit checks up to £1000. (over £1000 a soft credit check is required ).


There are many things a driver can do to help with the MOT when its due, just checking the windscreen washer and that the blades clear the screen , checking the lights all help towards helping your car pass the MOT, it is worth bearing in mind that most MOT failures are the small little things that, with 5 minutes of checking can save a bit of money. And will are all about saving money

Keeping an up to date service schedule will help with identifying any issues that affect the outcome of your MOT. Autotech Garage Services offer a wide range of services plans and service and MOT packages, so for all your servicing and MOT needs in Great Yarmouth give us a call and we will do our best to help.


Below are a few simple checks you can carry out prior to your MOT test in Great Yarmouth.

  • Making sure your washer bottle is topped up
  • Your wipers blades clear your screen
  • All bulbs are working and clean
  • All tyres are in good condition and have tread. (The limit is 1.6 mm over 75% of the tyre all the way around the tyre)
  • Remove all obstacles from the drivers view of the road
  • Regular checks (check your oil levels, coolant and washer fluid levels)

So, if you are looking to have an MOT test in Great Yarmouth, why not book your MOT online, or give Autotech Garage Services a call.


We help keep your car running smoothly

Why should you service your car?

It is essential that you keep your car serviced at the correct intervals. For example after 6,000 miles certain oils start to degrade and at this point they are no longer as efficient. Carbon deposits within the engine can build up and eventually choke the engine which restricts the oil flow and will lead to engine failure.

Frequent servicing helps to keep your vehicle in pristine condition and can prevent some expensive issues arising. Not only can it improve your cars petrol consumption, but it can help prevent the premature failure of essential parts. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

An ‘Interim Service’ includes:

  • Oil filter change
  • Oil change
  • Top up of engine fluids
  • Flil inspection of the car
  • A flil report will be given with a list of advisories if any issues are found

A ‘Full Service’ includes:

  • Changing of Oil filter, Air Filter, Pollen Filter and the Fuel Filters
  • Replacement of Spark plugs (if required)
  • All engine fluids topped up or replaced
  • Full inspection of the vehicle which comes FREE printed report sheet with list of advisories

So if your car servicing period is coming up, why not book your servicing online, or contact us. Autotech Garage Services– The family run Garage in Great Yarmouth that cares.

At Autotech Garage Services in Great Yarmouth, we offer a comprehensive range of services for motorcycles.

We understand the importance of only using mechanical engineers with many years of experience in the field of motorcycle repair and maintenance, to ensure that you and your motorcycle are given the best possible service at a great price.

Here is just a small selection of the services we can offer:

  • Motorcycle Servicing
  • Motorcycle Repairs
  • Motorcycle Diagnostic checks
  • Motorcycle MOT’s (offsite)
  • Motorcycle Tyres and Balancing
  • Motorcycle Batteries

If you decide to use Autotech Garage Services in Great Yarmouth for your motorcycle service, we carry out comprehensive set of checks. These checks will vary between manufacturer, but will include the basics such as:

Engine Checks

  • Oil change – oil used will be as directed by the manufacturer
  • New oil filter
  • New air filter
  • New spark plugs
  • Test/replace/top-up coolant as required

Chassis and Brake Checks

  • Brake calipers removed and cleaned
  • Brake pistons degreased
  • Hydraulic Brake Fluid System inspected, topped up or replaced as required
  • Control cables, levers, throttle, clutch and brakes, cleaned and lubricated
  • Adjustment of throttle and clutch
  • Battery electrolyte level checked and topped if required
  • Steering play – checked
  • Front fork – checked
  • Rear suspension – inspected
  • All fasteners – including engine mounting and chassis bolts – adjusted as required
  • Wheel bearings – checked
  • Main and side stands checked and lubricated if required
  • Headlight checked for aim and focus – adjusted as required
  • Fuel hoses checked
  • Tyre pressures – checked and adjusted as required
  • Chain – adjusted and lubricated as required
  • Any other components which will require lubrication

Pricing Table

Our services and costs

Below you will find just a small selection of everything from car repair costs to car visual upgrades. This list is not exhaustive, so if there is something you are after and it is not listed, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Services Offered For Cars
Labour (per hour) £48
MOT’s £35
Air Conditioning Refill Price on enquiry (due to fluctuating gas prices from suppliers at present)

Air conditioning is nowadays seen as a vital part of your vehicles systems. it is a little known fact that your air con should be left on all the time. It not only keeps the vehicle cool in the summer but demists the front screen in the winter. At Autotech Garage Services we are now offering Air Conditioning Refills in Great Yarmouth at an unbelievable price.

Trying to find a garage to re-charge your system can turn into a mine field of different prices, most charging more in the summer when demand goes up. At Autotech Garage Services we have recognised this issue and charge a fair price based on the cost of the air conditioning gas (as recently gas costs have been fluctuating).

In addition to this we offer Air Conditioner Sterilising & Deodorising. This is the ideal solution for preventing and curing contamination in air conditioning systems. The product effectively eliminates mould, fungi and unpleasant odours that occur in these systems that tend to build up when the air conditioning is not used for a period of time, such as over the winter months.

Our Air Conditioner Sterilising & Deodorising is simple and non-labour intensive, with no need for extension tubes, additional equipment or lengthy labour time from technicians. Furthermore, the product does not contain any solvent-based cleaning agents, making it completely safe to use, as it will not affect any interior components such as leather seats or wood and plastic trim.

So if you are looking for an Air Conditioning Refills in Great Yarmouth, why not give Autotech Garage Services a try. Our air conditioning refills are the same price come rain or shine!

Autotech Garage Services are cambelt specialists in Great Yarmouth.

The cambelt (also known as timing belt) in your vehicle is an integral part of your vehicles internal combustion engine.

Your cambelt belt can be found on the front side of your vehicles engine and behind the plastic cambelt covers. It is designed to reduce the friction in the engine as well as generate more horsepower. The cambelt helps to keep the engine in check, preventing the valves from reaching and hitting the pistons.

A broken cambelt can lead to extensive damage to your vehicles engine since its failure leads to the damaging of the valves. With the replacement of valves, replacement of the cambelt and the repair of any other damage caused by the failure can be very expensive. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your cambelt is regularly checked for wear and replaced at the intervals directed by the vehicles manufacturer (or sooner depending on the condition of your cambelt).

As cambelt specialists in Great Yarmouth, we ensure that your cambelt it replaced in the correct and most cost-efficient way. As part of your cambelt replacement, we will also replace your water pump and coolant, to ensure you have many trouble-free miles of motoring.

Diagnostic Services

We take care for your vehicle

It’s the sound that every motorist dreads, the sound of our cars screaming when the Engine Management Light comes on. Usually the first thought that comes to mind is ‘This is going to be expensive!’ but not with Autotech Garage Services. As a trusted Garage in Great Yarmouth we only charge £40+VAT for diagnostic plugins to help ease the pain of this stressful time. This can be a massive saving as dealerships usually charge around £69+VAT for this service.

What does the Engine Management Light mean and why has it come on?

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) in a car monitors all the systems that are connected to it, through the sensors and various electrical items in the vehicle. In more modern cars there can many ecus connected to each other through a wire system called the canbus system. When the ECU receives a signal, normally a voltage that is outside the parameters that it is expecting it will flag the fault then wait 30 engine cycles to see if the fault is still present. If after 30 engine cycles the fault is still flags, the ecu will light up the EML light. Some systems monitor themselves, like the SRS system, so when the fault is not there the SRS light will go off, or when the ignition is turned off and then on again this may turn the light off but the fault will be logged in the ecu so it can be read.

When the Engine Management Light comes on, it is essential to have your car error codes read to ensure that further damage is not caused. If your Engine Management Light comes on, Contact Autotech Garage Services. You have not got to worry, you can take advantage of our fantastically priced diagnostic plugins!