We are pleased to now be offering a mobile car valeting service to our customers.

To us we do not believe that a valet should just be quickly running a vacuum cleaner over the vehicle, followed up by a quick rinse and then a wash with an old sponge.

We utilise only the best products on the market today and use safe washing techniques, by starting with the application of ‘snow foam’ to lift dirt particles away from the paint and then gently hand wash the vehicle, using 2 buckets with grit guards with every wash (one for rinsing the wash mitt to ensure there is no grit in it, before it’s put into the washing bucket – this is done after every few passes on the vehicle. This is also known as the ‘two-bucket method’), to ensure that no dirt is dragged across the paintwork, which can cause damage to your paintwork and leave a ‘swirling’ effect in direct light. This is something we do on every valet service that we offer, to ensure that your vehicle is treated with the best possible care.

We offer our mobile car valeting service in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas. If you would like to discuss this service with us, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Services Offered

Mini Valet

Exterior wash, wheels and arches cleaned, glass buffed, interior vacuumed, tyres dress.

Full Valet

Same as the Mini Valet, plus dashboard, plastics and vinyl are cleaned. The vehicle is hand polished.

Premium Valet

Same as the full valet, plus the seats and carpets are shampooed, door shuts cleaned, tar and iron particles removed, vehicle is polished and waxed, complimentary air freshener included.

The prices for the above services can be found below. Please note that the cost of the valet will depend on the size of your vehicle.

Services For Cars
Mini Valet £40-£55*
Full Valet £60-£80*
Premium Valet £85-£100*
Air Conditioning Check and Regas £72

*Please note that an extra charge will apply for excessive dirt/pet hair.
**For the safety of our team, we do only operate on private driveways or in private car parks. We do not operate at the side of busy roads or in public car parks.
***If your vehicles Air Conditioning requires R1234YF gas (mainly vehicles manufactured from 1st January 2017), the vehicle will need to be brought to our premises for an Air Conditioning regas.