Autotech Garage Services is pleased to announce that we now offer DPF filter cleaning in Great Yarmouth.

What is a DPF filter?

A DPF filter is a component that is fitted to diesel vehicles exhausts to enable the trapping of solid particles (known as PM), which is mostly carbon. This prevents them escaping into the atmosphere. All new vehicles manufactured must now meet Euro 6 Emission Guidelines. With the introduction of DPF filters, the issue of filters becoming blocked is becoming more prevalent.

As of February 2014, MOT stations are required to check for the presence of a DPF filter. If it is found that a vehicle has had the DPF filter removed, the vehicle will fail its MOT and will be deemed unroadworthy.

At Autotech Garage in Great Yarmouth we are now finding that under certain driving conditions the DPF filters are blocking very quickly. The vehicles are unable to regenerate the DPF filter, bringing up warning lights (blocked filter and engine management lights), leading to the replacement of the DPF filter, which in some cases can be as expensive as £1000!

The team at Autotech Garage in Great Yarmouth are always looking at different ways to save on expensive bills for our customers.

We now offer DPF filter cleaning in Great Yarmouth, which we have found to be very effective. The DPF filter is removed from the vehicle, cleaned, replaced and regenerated. The vehicle is then diagnostically tested to ensure that there are no underlying issues that would prevent regeneration. This service costs (depending on the vehicle) from £199 + VAT.